The SEDEX database allows members to show customers that they uphold the principles of ethical and social sustainability.

The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange database is a world-renowned platform for sharing information about ethically sustainable production in the supply chain. Through the exchange of information, the SEDEX database enables its members to support supplier management and reduce risk. This achieves improvements in ethical business practices across the value chain.

Companies that have a SEDEX audit under the SMETA Guide and share this information in the database can show their customers that they respect the principles of ethical and socially sustainable production. On the other hand, customers are given the opportunity to effectively manage their supply chain according to these principles and thereby reduce their risk.

DQS-UL CFS GmbH is an authorized member of the SEDEX Audit Company Group (ACG) and thus able to perform Sedex SMETA audits worldwide and to manage them centrally.


SEDEX member categories

In the SEDEX database companies can register as A, B or AB members

  • A Members: End of the supply chain, usually retailers who want to manage their suppliers via SEDEX
  • B members: usually producers at the beginning of the supply chain who want to share data about their ethical performance with their customers
  • AB members: Processors and distributors in the middle of the supply chain. On the one hand, they receive information from their suppliers, but they also provide their customers with information about their ethical performance
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