About Us

DQS UK Limited – an independent and competent management partner for companies of every size and all business sectors – offers objective assessments according to recognised norms and technical or industry-specific standards. The company, as a part of the worldwide DQS Group, is located in London and handles all certification services. With over 60 accredited international standards, DQS UK can support your needs.

The team in London focuses on all industry sectors, such as the Aerospace, Automotive and service industries.

In addition we also offer industry standards such as FSSC, BRC IoP, BRC Consumer and sustainability certifications according to, e.g., ISCC, GRI and Sedex.

DQS UK are an UKAS Accredited Body, also by way of its international offices the group has also been authorised by various national accreditation bodies in different countries, e. g. Germany: TGA/DAkkS, USA: ANAB, Brazil: INMETRO, Russia: GOST. For a complete list of all accreditations and notifications, please visit www.mydqs.com.

Facts & Figures

3 decades of experience

Around 82 offices in 66 countries

More than 3,000 auditors
across the globe

More than 50,000 certification sites
in more than 130 countries

More than 80,000
assessment days per year

Appreciation in the market

DQS UK ensures the lasting success of companies by sustained assessments of management systems and business processes. It accompanies its customers with innovative assessment concepts, according to the needs of the customers up to business excellence. The tried and trusted services focus on quality, risk management and product safety. DQS UK considers itself as a competent partner of the management providing a significant contribution to the lasting success of its customers.