Management Policies

Certification Rules

The assessment and certification of a management system by an independent, competent third party, such as DQS, generates valuable benefits for the client. A DQS certificate will serve as evidence for a suitable and effective management system with the capability to continuously meet customer expectations as well as regulatory and statutory requirements.

During an assessment qualified and experienced assessors review the management system and its processes for ongoing suitability and effectiveness in light of changing markets and environment. By identifying improvement potential, assessors enhance the organization’s ability to meet established goals and confidence on the client and the certified management system, which has been assessed and certified to recognized standards and specifications.

The certification rules of the DQS Group can be found here.

Policy on independence and impartiality

DQS UK and its assessment and review personnel are obliged to conduct their evaluations and reviews with the highest professional reliability and the required technical knowledge and competence. By way of internal regulations and processes, they are protected and at all times remain free from any possible influence with regards to their evaluation or review results, especially from persons or groups interested in the results of the respective evaluation or review. This also applies without any restrictions to any possible influence of financial nature.

DQS UK warrants the independence of its personnel in charge of the reviews. The volume of payment to any person taking part in the certification decision making is neither related to the number of reviews conducted, nor is it related to the review results.

DQS UK commits itself to impartiality in the conduction of its certification activities and ensures that any conflicts of interest are identified, analysed and eliminated, so that the objectivity of its certification activities is fulfilled at all times. The detailed DQS UK Policy on the Independence and Impartiality shall be provided on request.

Policy on Handling Complaints and Appeals

The management of the DQS UK commits itself to an effective, efficient and customer-oriented treatment of complaints and appeals. The procedure for handling complaints and appeals is well known by all personnel and is accessible to customers and other interested parties. Our goal is to work on complaints to the satisfaction of the complainant by way of applying a customer-oriented approach.

Feedback from customers, which also includes complaints, is considered an opportunity for improvement of our services. For this reason, DQS UK is open to all feedback, including complaints, and shows an appropriate commitment during processing of complaints and actions taken.

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DQS Audit and Certification Regulations

Download our DQS Audit and Certification Regulations here

DQS Audit and Certification Regulations